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Penn State Asset Management Group

What is PSAMG Commodities and Derivatives?

The Penn State Asset Management Group Commodities and Derivatives Sector is simply that. The sector prides itself on focusing on the macro economy in a few different product areas with a focus on derivative products. These product areas are then championed by a portfolio manager, director of education, head of market risk, lead associates, and lead analysts. The commodities and derivatives sector engages it's participants through rigorous bi-weekly product and market updates done by the leads, along with weekly trade pitches and votes to sharpen PSAMG members on how to pitch, speak publicly and confidently, and understand the steps involved in market research.

What are the Product Areas that PSAMG C/D Covers?

As an organization we focus on the main commodity groups along with a non-commodity group that is considered highly pertinent to the derivative space. PSAMG C/D covers the following product areas:

The energy sector is devoted to understanding what is driving general energy markets around the world. While all commodities are macro products energy is considered the one of the most macro. Energy is exciting for many as it allows novice and veteran members alike to experience a highly volatile product group.

While oil is still considered energy, it can be to complicated to be traded along with other energy product thus it has its own sector. Oil like the other energy products is extremely macro facing and volatile. Oil deals with similar but slightly altered drivers from the rest of the energy sector and is integral within the world economy.

Interest Rate Products
The interest rate product sector features one of the more complicated products that the organization trades. The sector covers treasury futures, Eurodollar Futures, and Fed Fund Futures to allow trade across the curve and across economic events. 

Base Metals
Base metals is a great sector for those who are interested in the well-being of the world economy. Many base metal prices are used as insight into the manufacturing processes around the world. On top of that, the base metal sector allows members to have a breath of knowledge across many asset classes. 
Precious Metals
Precious metals allow students to understand the commodities that we see all the time in social media, television, and ads. This product covers products such as gold and platinum but many other products are traded within this sector that gives access to markets people don't normally have exposure.
The agriculture sector is an interesting sector unlike the others as it all relates back to the food that people all around the world consume. This sector is driven by items such as weather and crop yields all the way to general consumer confidence and currency pair differentials. 

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