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Penn State Asset Management Group

What is the Structure of PSAMG C/D?

As for structure, C/D is comprised of a few different positions. The following is breakdown of the different positions within PSMAG C/D.


The general body members are known as analysts and are allowed to attend any sector meeting throughout the week. While there is no "given work" to the analyst class, each member is highly encouraged to reach out to their lead analyst for work and extra education materials. The analyst will then use the slide decks from the previous semesters to study for a lead analyst position where their responsibilities will dramatically increase.

Lead Analyst

After interviewing and securing a spot as a lead analyst responsibilities heighten dramatically. Each week the lead analysts' are expected to write bi-weekly reports covering how their assigned products have been trading as well as general economic reports explaining how the macro economy have been transpiring and how these events have been affecting markets. On top of reports, the lead analysts' are expected to create trade pitches and pitch votes for the paper portfolio run by the directors and head of risk.

Lead Associate

Lead associates are the direct head of the lead analysts. It is their job to make sure that every lead analyst in their sector is both doing the assigned work to the best of their ability, but they are also their to make sure that each lead analyst is keeping the sector analyst class up to date with their product market.

Director of Economic Analysis

The director of economic analysis an integral position with PSAMG C/D. This person along with the director of education and the portfolio manager are in charge of running the portfolio. While every member is required to pitch on whether or not a trade passes, it is the job of the director of economic analysis and the portfolio manager to have final say.

Portfolio Manager

The job of the portfolio manager is a few things. The portfolio manager must keep a watchful eye on markets within all product areas traded by the lead associates / analysts as well as mentor and teach each member within PSAMG C/D. The portfolio manager is also in charge of final edits for all of the reports sent to the PSAMG list-serve and the Wall Street Alumni list-serve, along with lead educations hosted once a week to go over more in depth technical information related to derivative market places. 

Director of Education

The director of education is the person directly in between the analysts and the lead position in the sense that he or she is teaching the general body information every week. It is important that this person is able to bridge the gap between the general body members and the interviewed members to create a quality, seamless learning environment.