Rainy Zhang

Rainy is a junior majoring in Applied and Industrial Mathematics and minoring in Economics at Penn State. She is currently the Lead Associate of Energy for PSAMG. Rainy expanded her interest in markets by doing summer research with the Economic Department at Washington and Lee University. She then interned as a quantitative analyst in a hedge fund based in Guangzhou, China. Last summer, Rainy interned at JMI equity and worked first hand with growth stage company investment. Rainy is currently going through interview processes in Sales and Trading, Investment Banking, and Hedge Fund’s. In her free time, Rainy likes snowboarding, pooling, wild swimming, and appraising collectibles.

Rainy's contact information is:

Email: rainyzhang15@gmail.com

Phone: 814.699.1795

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rainy-ruili-zhang-69b04b91/

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