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PSDA Monday nights from 6-7pm in 102 Thomas!


The Asset Management Group (AMG) is a student-run derivative paper portfolio fund at Penn State. AMG strives to allow students of all backgrounds to learn and refine the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain internships and full-time positions on Wall Street and other prestigious financial institutions

We are dedicated to not only advancing our members' initial interest in the financial markets, but helping them reach their ultimate career goals.

"Joining PSAMG was one of the most rigorous challenges I've ever attempted, but I can undoubtedly say it was worth the effort. I simply wanted to learn about a new asset class, but the organization provided that and far more. I immediately found a group of professionals unarguably committed to their ambitions, and with that a network of my closest acquaintances. With that, PSAMG redefined me as both a professional and as a person."

 WIn the Day

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