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Founded in 2014, AMG was originally named “The Hedge Fund Club”, and later became "The Asset Management Group" in 2015. Today we honor the founders' initial intention of the organization, which was to give students of all backgrounds the opportunity to obtain and refine the knowledge and skills needed to earn jobs and internships on Wall Street, in the financial markets, consulting, research, etc., and to excel in those jobs. Dr. Jason Lunn oversees our organization today.

All About AMG

The Penn State Asset Management Group (AMG) is a student-run derivative paper portfolio fund with $600.00 million AUM. The organization's portfolio is made up of six individual portfolios pertaining to a different market sector including  Energy, Equity Derivatives, Foreign Exchange, Index Derivatives, Interest Rate Products, and Metals. Each sector consists of a team of investors that use multi-leg option strategies to trade derivative products, in order to maximize profits and out-perform their sector benchmark. Members gain hands-on experience in risk calculation, asset allocation, performance evaluation, and more. With an emphasis on an having an advanced understanding financial markets, AMG facilitates the growth of analytical and strategic thinking skills necessary of its members to develop root-cause analysis and strategy positions on major market events through analyzing a myriad of sources. AMG helps members develop their resumes, networking skills, interview skills, and overall readiness for careers in finance. As an official Smeal organization, every member is given a slot in  Wall St. Boot Camp upon admittance into AMG.

Win The Day

At AMG we are dedicated to fostering a passion for financial markets and products among students from all majors and backgrounds. Our mission is to equip our members with the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain internships and full-time positions on Wall Street and other financial institutions. We encourage members to take on additional leadership roles, aside from their role in a Product Sector, to serve the other members of the organization. Members who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of specific financial topics create and present seminars on various financial products, vehicles, and concepts. These presentations aim to enhance the financial knowledge of the entire organization. with hands-on experience and a collaborative community that encourages members to seek out additional roles and responsibility to serve the organization, we aim to develop well-rounded financial professionals ready to excel in the dynamic world of finance. We seek members who are dedicated not only to enhancing their own financial knowledge and skills but also to fostering the growth and development of future Analyst classes. 

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