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The Portfolio Analytics Group (PAG) is responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and updating the organization's investments while developing innovative methods to track and enhance performance

Head Trader

Jacob Pausley

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Jacob is a rising sophomore from Burnt Hills, NY, pursuing a double major in Finance and Economics. He is currently serving as an Analyst in The Metals Sector and is interested in Sales & Trading. Some of his hobbies include hiking and skiing.

Director of Portfolio Analysis

Jacob Zielinski

Jacob is a rising junior Finance major from Malvern, PA. He previously served as an Associate of the Foreign Exchange Sector and is interested in Sales & Trading. In his free time, he enjoys running, playing golf, and spending time with friends.

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Portfolio Analytics Analyst

Aidan Murphy

Aidan is a Finance major and rising sophomore from Darien, IL. He currently serves as an Associate in the Energy Sector and previously held the position of Head Trader. He has developed interests in Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Asset Management. Aidan's interests outside of finance include sports cars, working out, and watching the Chicago Bears.

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