Sammy Eline | Director of Talent Outreach

Sammy is a junior finance major at Penn State with a minor in information systems management. She is currently the Director of Outreach in the Penn State Asset Management Group. Last summer, Sammy interned with Bryn Mawr Trust within their finance department. She is now applying for internships in the Wealth Management division for the summer of 2020. In her free time, Sammy enjoys yoga and meditation, sudoku, and videography.

Katrina Whittaker-Lee | Co-Director of Talent Outreach

Katrina is a junior Finance major at Penn State. She is currently the Assistant Outreach Director for PSAMG. Freshman year Katrina interned at GFL Environmental and as a sophomore she interned at BMO Financial Group in Private Wealth Management. In her spare time Katrina enjoys running, spinning, skiing, traveling and baking.

Jake Dolan | Director of Member Development

Jake is a junior Finance major at Penn State. He started as a C/D analyst Fall 2018 and is now serving as the Director of Member Devlopment for PSAMG. Jake's sophomore summer he served as a Fund Manager for the Nittany Lion Fund LLC. During his junior summer Jake will be interning at Citigroup in their Sales and Trading division. Outside of Finance he enjoys 76ers games, golfing, and country music concerts.

Michael McPeek | Director of Outreach

Mike McPeek is a junior Mathematics major at Penn state University. He is currently the Director of Economics for PSAMG. Mike has held experience as a Commercial Lending Intern for TCF Bank, as a portfolio manager for the Nittany Lion Fund and as an impact investment division Summer Analyst for Community Capital Management. For his junior summer, Mike will be doing sales and trading at Morgan Stanley in their Fixed Income division. Aside from Finance, Mike is involved with his fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha and enjoys playing golf.

Jack Brady | Director of Finance

Jack is a Senior Economics major with a minor in Business Administration.  He is currently the Chief Financial Officer for PSAMG.  As a sophomore, Jack worked for Brown and Connery as a Legal Intern and in his junior summer he worked as a Corporate Financial Analyst at Day and Zimmerman.  Jack is currently applying to Economic and Business Valuation roles for the Summer of 2020. In Jack’s free time he enjoys going to the gym, listening to podcasts, and attending Penn State Football games with his friends.

Colby Aument | Director of Technology

Colby is a sophomore actuarial science major at Penn State. He is currently the Director of Technology for PSAMG. He started running the website in his second semester of freshman year. This past summer, Colby spent the summer studying abroad in Italy. He is currently looking for internships in consulting for the summer of 2020. In his free time, Colby enjoys weightlifting, Philadelphia sports, cliff jumping, traveling, and going on hikes.

Hans Hoffman | Co-Director of PSDA Education

Hans is a Senior finance major at Penn State. He is currently serving as Co-VP of Education in PSAMG. Last summer he interned at Odeon Capital Group as a Summer Analyst in a rotational program working with the firm's investment bankers, equity research analysts, as well as shadowing various fixed income traders. He is currently exploring full time roles in investment banking or wealth management. Some of his interests are watching professional sports, strength and conditioning, and traveling.

Chris Liu | Co-Director of PSDA Education

Chris Liu is a senior finance major with a minor in chinese. Last year, he was a director for AMG’s fixed income division. He is now currently Co-VP for education in PSAMG. During his sophomore summer, he interned in corporate finance at Bell Flight in Dallas. Last summer, he interned at Jefferies in their Equity Research department covering the Gaming, Lodging, and Leisure sector where he will return full time. Chris is also president of Penn State Badminton, and enjoys cooking, volleyball, and playing music in his free time.

Rajkaran Singh | Director of Member Development

Rajkaran Singh is a junior Economics Major at Penn State. He is currently the Director of Member Development. Freshmen year Karan owned and managed a restaurant in New Oxford, PA. Sophomore year he became the Teaching Assistant for Intermediate Macroeconomics, and also interned with Altria as a Territory Sales Manager in Sacramento, CA. For his Junior year summer he will be interning with Citigroup as a Sales and Trading Summer Analyst. Outside of Finance Karan's hobbies include Basketball, Chess and Bhangra.

Robbie Epstein | Director of Member Development

Robbie Epstein is a junior Finance major at Penn State. He is currently the Director of Member Development of PSAMG. He has interned with Habitat for Humanity, Anchor Ace, and Gartland and Mellina Group. He is currently seeking an internship in Investment banking with a goal or working in M&A. Aside from Finance, Robbie enjoys sports and traveling.

Mickey Hopkins | Director of Member Development

Mickey Hopkins is a junior studying Energy Business and Finance at Penn State University. He is the lead Director of Member Development within PSAMG. Full-time Mickey wants to get into commodity trading at a big shop and is currently searching for junior internships. Aside from finance Mickey is into stand-up comedy and writing short stories.

Matt Sessa | Director of Member Development

Matt Sessa graduated from Penn State University in May 2020 with a B.S. in Finance. He is currently the Director of Member Development for PSAMG and works at BDO as an Associate in Valuation & Business Analytics. He was previously the Director of Energy for PSAMG. Matt has held experience as a Petroleum Trading Summer Analyst at Sheetz, a Financial Modeling Intern for StartSomeGood, and as a Consumer Lending Intern with American Heritage Federal Credit Union. Aside from Finance, Matt is involved with custom fabrication, weight training, and the startup community.

Rick Johnston | Director of Operations

Rick is a senior finance major with a minor in energy business and finance. He currently is the Chief Operating Officer for PSAMG. This summer, he will be starting full-time at J.P. Morgan Chase in Plano, Texas as a Global Finance and Business Management analyst. He previously interned with JPMC in their Newark office through the same program. Before that, he interned at Meridian Bank where he developed his passion for the banking industry. In his free time, Rick enjoys listening to live music, volunteering within the special needs community, snowboarding, and watching football.

Austin Hoferer | Director of Member Development

Austin is a junior Finance major with minors in Economics and International Business at Penn State. He is currently a Director of Member Development for PSAMG. Austin is interested in Wealth Management and Consulting and has been applying for roles for the summer of 2020. In his free time Austin enjoys water sports, snowboarding, sailing, weightlifting, and playing Poker.

Jared Blatt | Director of Member Development

Jared is a junior Energy Business and Finance major at Penn State. He is currently the Director of Member Development for PSAMG. Jared interned at Handy Law LLC. in Providence, RI as an energy legal intern. He is currently applying for Sales and Trading roles in the energy industry for the of summer of 2020. In his free time, Jared enjoys playing the guitar, going to the gym and playing golf. 

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