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Penn State Derivative Association

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Penn State Derivative Association (PSDA) is a student-run organization managed by AMG. The organization helps establish the fundamentals of finance, and assumes no prior knowledge, allowing students from all areas to learn about the finance industry, with an emphasis on financial markets and options trading. It is designed to provide students with an opportunity to conduct financial research and develop industry skillsets. Members receive comprehensive behavioral, market-oriented, and technical career preparation through weekly meetings and extra-curricular development programs, such as our semi-annual resume review workshop. Technical concepts are taught from the ground up, with discussed concepts becoming increasingly complex. PSDA is defined by its culture which was formed around AMG’s keystone: the “Win The Day” mentality.

Weekly meetings are held for six-weeks. At the end of the six weeks, PSDA members are encouraged, but not required, to interview to become an Analyst in AMG.

Director of PSDA

Joseph Piccirilli
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Director of Macroeconomic Analysis

Karl Brandt
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Anyone interested in learning about or pursuing a career in Finance, regardless of their major,  is encouraged to join PSDA and attend general body meetings every Monday to learn more about financial markets. These educations include teachings about futures, options, credit default swaps, and more.
PSDA breakout sessions are held every Sunday with more sector-specific information and lessons, as well as smaller group sizes. To learn more about our sectors click
here. ​The end goal is to make everyone in PSDA a stronger contender in the very competitive field of finance.​

PSDA will resume in the fall semester, keep an eye on our socials and website for announcements.

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The first PSDA meeting of Fall 2022


Early PSDA meeting- origin of photograph unknown

Anthony Bruno giving the Presidential Remarks at the first PSDA meeting of Fall 2023. A record 250 PSDA Analysts were in attendance

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